Detector Head

(Simple Local Alarm Module)

(Extension Module)



Dimensions: Detector Head 5"L x 2"W
     EXMO, SLAM & COMO (each) 6"L x 3.5"W x 2"H
Shipping Weight: Detector Head .875 lbs (.4 kg)
     EXMO, SLAM & COMO (each) 1.25 lbs (.6 kg)
Output Signal: Range 4-20mA or 1-5 mA (user selectable,
4 - 20mA is default). Modbus RTU available as an option.
Output is linear and proportional to the gas scale.
Load (maximum resistance) 300 Ohms
Measurement Ranges: 4% LEL - 112% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) or 4% to 100% by volume.
Flooding: Not flooded by high concentrations of gas.
Humidity Range: 0-99% RH, non-condensing
Temperature Range: Operating: -40oF (-40oC) to +167oF (+75oC)
Storage: -58oF (-50oC) to +185oF (+85oC)
FM Approvals tested the detector head to -20oC (-4oF) to +70oC
(+158oF) and tested the EXMO/SLAM/COMO to -20oC (-4oF) to +60oC (+140oF)
The average sea-level pressure is 1013.25 mbar.
Normal pressure changes have a small effect on LEL readings.
IR Light Source: Rated 70,000 hours
Calibration Regulator: Flowrate 1 LPM (liter per minute)
Zero Calibration: Required infrequently.
Span Calibration: Check annually.
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF@70F): 8 years (electronics)
Response Time: t(60) <12s
Recovery Time: t(10) <60s
Accuracy: +/-5% Measuring Range or +/-10% of indication,
whichever is greater
Repeatability: +/-3% up to 112% LEL
Input Voltage: Nominally 12 to 42 VDC.
Warm up time:
45 seconds to operational. Up to one hour to
specification depending upon ambient temperature.
Zero Drift: Less than 2% per month (estimated).
Span Drift: Less than 2% per month (estimated).
Blocking Gases: Acetylene interferes with methane.
Poisons: None Known
Interfering gases: Sensitive to most CHC Gases but will only be
accurate for methane. It will be substantially inaccurate for other CHC gases detected.
Effect of low or high levels of Oxygen: No effect
Detector Head RFI/EMI Immunity: Less than 1% LEL change with 5w transceiver keyed within three feet.
RFI/EMI Protection complies with EN50270, EN61000-6-4
Area Hazard Classification: Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C, D
Altitude Correction: When span calibrated at point of use.
SLAM Relays: 6 amps@120 volts
SLAM Response Time:
Less than a second from the time the detector head sees sufficient gas to trigger an alarm to the relay operating.
EXMO Response Time: Less than a second from the time the detector head sees gas to the EXMO displaying that gas concentration.
Approval: FM Approvals
SIL (Safety Integrity Level): SIL 2
Warranty: 2 years from date of shipment.
Patents: Compensation and operational algorithms protected by
Delphian Patents 6,545,278 and 7,996,159

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