Detector Head

(Simple Local Alarm Module)

(Extension Module)


How to Calibrate
How to Install


  • No sensor replacement

  • Low power consumption

  • Immune to poisoning

  • Checks itself every second

Low maintenance and low cost of ownership. Zero calibration required infrequently. The detector head monitors drift and will display CALIBRATION NEEDED if the drift is minus 5% LEL. The detector head records and will display the last time it was calibrated.
Smart sensor saves operator time and money. The sensor knows how long it has been in service, zero drift, high and low temperature, the highest gas reading since the last calibration, when the optics are dirty and much more. It checks itself and its vital functions every second.
No need to heat optics, even at -40oC, so power consumption is very low. Even at its maximum power consumption (with the display at its brightest), the detector head uses only 65mA@24VDC.


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